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Supra & BMW M40i

Unleash the Beast Within: The B-600/800 Package.

YD's B600 and B800 packages seamlessly enhance your B58-powered Supra or BMW M40i model to 600/800HP, all while ensuring you maintain daily drivability. These offerings won't turn your vehicle into an extreme track machine, but instead, they thoughtfully preserve the civilized nature of your Supra or BMW M40i.

We recognize your choice of the M40i, understanding that today's M models can feel overly aggressive for some. But who said you can't have the best of both worlds? With the YD B-600/800 package, infuse that potent M-Power performance into your everyday M40i vehicle, without losing its civilized essence.

YD Motorsports conducted a test run with a customer's A91 Supra, equipped with the YD B-800+ Power Package and expertly installed and tuned by our team. Driven by James Houghton, the car achieved a time of 1:11:7, setting a new track record for the Mark V Supra model.


We also managed to clock an even faster 1:11:5 in a subsequent attempt; however, we regrettably do not have video documentation of that performance.


With its rapid speed and exceptional driving dynamics, the YD B-600 Package elevates this Supra to superior performance levels suitable for city, highway, and track environments. While it offers impressive prowess, it remains comfortably refined for daily driving.


JDM Collector

Time Attack Race Car Builder


Contact us for your Built Engine B58 surpassing more than 1000HP, achieving 100-200kph in under 4 seconds.

Craving the Throne of Highway Dominance?


B-1000+ Package

  • YD Customized Built B58 Engine Rated to 1300HP

  • YD Customized Built B58 Engine Head Rated to 1300HP

  • YD Customized Fueling System w. Port Injection and FlexFuel Rated to 1300HP

  • Upgraded ZF8HP51 Transmission Rated to 1200HP & 1356 NM of Torque on Wheel

  • YD Upgraded High Flow Exhaust System with Performance Catalytic Converter

  • Full Frame Turbo with Exhaust Manifold

  • Guaranteed 100-200KPH in under 4 Sec.

  • Engine and Transmission Control Unit Calibrated by YD

  • Professional Installation and Servicing

  • 1 Year / 20000 KM Limited Warranty

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