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The M Solution

YD's M3 holds the distinction of being the swiftest four-door saloon to grace the TMP Cayuga track.

Augmented by a significant power boost, enhanced precision in handling, and an iconic exterior design, the G8X Solution by YD transforms your BMW M3/M4 into an exemplar of performance, all without sacrificing its daily drivability. Now, even your winter vehicle stands poised to outpace others' dedicated racers. Witness the sheer velocity in our onboard footage of the TMP Cayuga flying lap.

In addition, YD Motorsports is pleased to introduce the M-750 package for those seeking further bespoke performance solutions.


Our test driver, James Houghton skillfully maneuvered the YD M-900 Solution-modified BMW M3 at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga. This four-door family saloon, replete with a full interior, leather AC seats, Harman-Kardon speakers, and 200TW street tires, impressively clocked a time of 1:13:40. This feat distinguished it as the fastest 4-door vehicle on the track.


Marrying unparalleled speed with unmatched comfort, YD's M-900 Solution M3 effortlessly rivals supercars on the track, all while boasting the practicality of five seats.

James Houghton

TMP CAYUGA Track Record Holder, Professional Time Attack Racer

Development Driver of YD Motorsports


Explore our M-750 Solution, tailored to infuse your daily BMW drive with an exhilarating 750HP of power.

Seeking Enhanced Comfort for Daily Use?


M 900 Solution

  • 900 HP  @  6480 rpm

  • 1045 NM  @  5580 rpm

  • Upgraded Turbochargers

  • Upgraded Cooling System

  • Optional Dual Injection Flex Fueling Upgrades

  • Upgraded High Flow Exhaust System with Performance Catalytic Converter

  • Updated Full Carbon Fiber Intake System​

  • Carbon Fiber Oil Cooling Guard

  • TrackOne Development 2-Way Customized Coilover

  • Exclusive Upgraded F&R Sway Bar

  • Customized Suspension Geometry Setup

  • Engine and Transmission Control Unit Calibrated by YD

  • Professional Installation and Servicing

  • 2 Year / 40000 KM Limited Warranty

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