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AMG Owners, no more torque limit on your 2017+ AMG Model with our enhanced CPC replacement module!

What is the CPC Module?


The CPC (center powertrain control) is a new powertrain control unit that works with the ECU & TCU.  Mercedes brings it to 2017+ with 9 speed tranny to let it control multiple tuning features includes torque limit, soft rev limit, Vmax speed, exhaust valve control etc.


Benefits of a CPC upgrade? 


It works with your tuned ECU, YD enhanced CPC replacement module raised all the torque limits in the OEM Mercedes unit which allows you to put more power onto your tire. Also, the max speed limit is removed. It can even be set up so that the active exhaust valves are always in the open position or customized % valve control as requested. The YD Enhanced CPC is also a great compliment for any tuned 17+ Mercedes vehicle offering better and more consistent performance and higher top speeds.


VIN is required with the order! Please send your VIN to with your order number.


  • Raised Torque limits
  • VMax Speed limit removed
  • Soft Rev limit customization
  • Exhaust valve control customization

YD Enhanced AMG CPC Replacement Module

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