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Stay Young Stay Driven

Service Overview

From extreme racing builds, stance show car builds to a single intake installing, YD Motorsports offers engine tuning (calibration), repairs and maintenance, and most importantly engine and other modifications.

We start our business since 2017 and consume over 10,000 sqft of the shop space with the lastest and the best equipment.

In-House ECU Tuning Service

YD ECU Tuning provides different solutions for every different car to inspire the maximum potential of your modified hardware with a safety margin.

We stand on the edge of the community and be powered by our Internal combustion engine tuning experience with the latest technology. 

Price starts at $1199+Tax, Please Call 905-761-8599

DYNO Service

YD Motorsports features the latest DYNOJET 4x4 dyno system to provide our customers with the correct tuning results.

Dyno service price starts at $150+Tax, Please Call 905-761-8599 to book your Dyno time.

*Advanced Book Only

Alignment Service

YD Motorsports features the latest industry-leading Hunter alignment system to provide the most accurate result of road, drag, or track use alignment.

Our system features the ultra-low car extending system to service the modified suspension car with lower ground clearance and give the correct alignment result.

Price starts at $150+Tax, Please Call 905-761-8599

General Mechanical Service

All YD Motorsports technicians have years of experience in this industry, they are from OEM dealer or motorsports team, giving you 100% satisfy service result.

Mechanical rate starts at $95/H, Please call 905-761-8599 for your service-based pricing. 

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