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Mercedes AMG GTS Project

Street Icon, Exhibition Masterpiece, Racing Dynamo.

The GT-1000 Project from YD represents an exceptional evolution of the iconic AMG GT, adorned with a distinctive GT3-style body kit. With YD's proprietary upgraded turbocharger complemented by a twin-scroll exhaust manifold, we elevate the power from the conventional 503HP factory setting to an exhilarating 1000HP.

Furthermore, YD Motorsports proudly presents the GT850 package for enthusiasts seeking alternate performance enhancements.

1000HP                1200NM          Twin Scroll Design
HORSEPOWER      TORQUE             Exhaust Manifold

UNDER 4.5 SEC        OVER 940 WHP
100-200KPH               DYNOJET NUMBER*



The GT-1000

  • 1100 HP  @  6600 rpm

  • 1200 NM  @  5400 rpm

  • 100 kph - 200 kph in 4.3 sec


  • Upgraded Turbocharger with Exclusive Twin-scroll Manifold

  • Upgraded AMG 7 Speed Transmission

  • Upgraded High Flow Exhaust System

  • Upgraded Fuel Pump and 2nd Injection System

  • 3D Water Meth Injection System 

  • Oversized Heat Exchanger Upgrade

  • Exclusive Mercedes On-The-Fly ECU Map Switch

  • Professional Installation and Servicing

  • YD Engine Control Unit  and Transmission Unit Calibration

  • 2-Year / 40000KM Project Limited Warranty

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