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Life of Fast and Faster

Our customers bring us fast cars and we make it faster.

1:09:576 - Our EVO at TMP Cayuga

1:11:50 - Our Supra at TMP Cayuga

1:13:40 - Our Daily G80 M3 at TMP Cayuga

Your Unique Build

It's your unique car project, your unique highlight lifestyle.

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In Shop Service

We offer general in-shop service incl. 

Dyno and ECU Tuning

Engine Built and Rebuild


Design, Fab, and Welding

General Mechanical Job

​Our Mechanical Rate: $150/Hr

Customized Forged Rims

Meticulously crafted for performance enthusiasts on the hunt for lightweight, yet strong wheels that maximize vehicle load capacity.

Created from a mono-block of T6016 heat-treated aluminum, our wheels are fully forged resulting in durable, lightweight, and eye-catching design wheels that are ideal for performance coupes and sedans.

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