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Only for Your Build

YD Motorsports Dyno Tuning Service

YD Motorsports provides a full custom tuning service with our lastest DynoJet 4x4 dynamometer. As an official licensed WinOLS Tuner by EVC, we stand on the edge of the modern ECU Tuning community and provides our service worldwide to both personal and community clients like shops and other ECU brands.

We developed our tuning in countless hours and tests to fit most automotive enthusiasts' daily requirements.


Our ECU tuning is designed to bring your dramatical increased horsepower and torque to make your vehicle be more exciting! Also featured with Pop&Bang technics* to make the car sound better.

*Can be customized according to customer's requirement, like different strengths and works in Sports Mode only.

Developed on Dyno
Tested on Road

At YD Motorsports, our engineer's mission is to make the highest quality tuning solutions for our customers to ensure their ultimate driving experience.

YD Motorsports features an industry-leading DYNOJET 4x4 system to provide ECU Tuning solutions/Maps based on Dyno and also real-world road fine-tune. All Flashboost ECU Tuning solutions are developed based on real-world Toroton's (our HQ location) gas, temperature, altitude situation and can be flex-able to fit other regions.

Ask our experts what and how you can get Powered by YD Motorsports engine tuning today by calling 1 (800) 888-8888!

  • High quality, safe and Dyno + Road tested ECU Remapping

  • Different features for different brand models (Like Pop&Bang in Sports Mode Only)

  • Custom made dyno-tuning with the best performance results for only your car

YD In-House Dyno Tuning for Stage 3/3+

This is something hardcore. Big brands of ECU Tuning are usually very conservative due to the versatility of different types of customers. YD In-House Tuning provides different solutions for every different car to inspire the maximum potential of your modified hardware with a safety margin.

We stand on the edge of the community and be powered by our Internal combustion engine tuning experience with the latest technology. 

Of Course, no one can know everything in the car industry, so we are always learning the new platform and cooperated with worldwide ECU tuners to improve the result.

YD In-House Tuning now provides service of most aftermarket ECU solutions includes WinOLS(Most Euro), ECUTek, UpRev, Cobb, MoTec, Syvces, Haltech, etc.

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